Citizens of the Earth

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Fish-Tales-Man-Sign-Off-Device-03-300x148-300x148For one who’s travelled to very few places across the world, I still tend to think of myself as a citizen of the Earth.

Oh, I love my home town and my country- and I love the house I live in. But the world now – in my simple eyes and mind – is just one large community.

So, I welcome the integration of other nationalities who want to come to our wonderful homeland and share its principles with us, in the same way that many British citizens make the journeys to other countries and integrate there.


We’re all in this together

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Fish-Tales-Man-Sign-Off-Device-03-300x148-300x148The late 1930/40’s actress Greta Garbo is reported to have said; “I want to be alone”

Well it’s a good job she didn’t work down dock then, because down there you don’t last long on your own. It’s a great family community, where everyone knows somebody who ‘can do this for you’ or ‘get that for you’.


The Romance of the Docks – Part 2

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

In 1968, I joined Marine Diesel Services as ‘office manager.’ But I hated being cooped up in my office and would jump at any and every opportunity to flee my ‘cell’. So, when the collective tummies of the three of us employed there (myself, Margaret Tuplin and Kathy Lees) started to rumble, I would volunteer to make the short walk to the famous Jubilee Café, which thankfully still exists. 17.01.20 Sunset3.1 (more…)

The Romance of the Docks – Part 1

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Words. A wonderful way of communicating with both friends and total strangers. I understand that many total strangers are quite enjoying my contribution to the JCS Fish website. That gives me great joy. Thank you all.

A Grimsby Trawler making its way out of the Docks - Photo from the Grimsby Telegraph Archives

A Grimsby Trawler making its way out of the Docks – Photo from the Grimsby Telegraph Archives



Our Poetic Fish Tales Man…

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Our Fish Tales Man has been writing beautifully historic memoirs for our blog for a while now, all have been appreciated by many… but he has taken a more artistic approach for his next blog.

The poem below was written from inspiration our Fish Tales Man had when he caught site of this framed photograph hung in JCS Fish Directors, Andrew and Louise Coulbeck, home.


What do you think? A poem full of charm focusing on the Desecration of the Fishing Industry…

The Poem written by our very own Fish Tales Man, taking inspiration from the photograph below

Good Old King John – The Oldest Royal Charter

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Fish-Tales-Man-Sign-Off-Device-03-300x148-300x148Dear Reader and Followers of the JCS Fish blog, did you know that the much maligned town of ‘GRIMSBY’ has one of the oldest Royal Charters in the land?

Oh yes, it is true, for it was granted by King John on the 11th March, in the year 1201AD – that’s 14 years before the Big Charter (Magna Carta) was presented to the nation at Runnymede.

This year sees the town’s 815th anniversary. I tried to find a suitable card in Card Warehouse, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Perhaps JCS Fish could dedicate one of its varied products to it – “The Charter Fish Cake” will tickle the taste buds of freedom! Perhaps not – I’ll leave that to the Marketing Department.

A Royal Charter granted towns the right to hold markets and to trade with others. It also granted the rights to hold an annual fair. The Status Fair was held for many years at the Cattle Market site, near the old Market Hotel.   Countless townspeople of Grimsby and Cleethorpes attended this event, bringing colour and excitement into their hardworking lives.

Is it still held? I’m not sure, but I would guess that what was once exciting for “us oldies” no longer has drawing power for the new electronic generation. A pity really – I used to love the carousel (I was never very adventurous!)

Some electronic using person might like to google “Royal Charters” to find out who were lower down the pecking order than us. I think we might be surprised by the results.


See you soon!

Fish Tales Man

The Times they are a Changing

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

A Walk through Memory Lane to JCS Fish, Murray Street

In praise of the Docks by “Fish Tales Man”

Fish-Tales-Man-Sign-Off-Device-03-300x148You know, anybody visiting the docks after a long absence would probably hardly recognise it. But one thing is true – you can’t demolish memories as easily as you can demolish buildings.

I had cause to visit JCS Fish just recently. My pedestrian route of choice? Why, the sea wall that links Suggitt’s Lane crossing to the North Wall. Even this route has undergone major changes over the last few years. Properties have now been fenced in along all the length of the sea defence. The sea wall has been much improved, providing the ideal barrier on which to lean and admire the fantastic, ever changing scene that is the River Humber. Views to die for!

Emerging from the pathway onto the North Wall, the changed scene strikes one immediately. Where once were thriving trawling, engineering and fish processing companies, there is now open space. (more…)


Friday, June 24th, 2016

Fish Tales Man Sign Off Device-03

The Mariners. Not only one of the names given to seamen, but the nickname of the local football club – Grimsby Town F.C.

If Grimsby has one of the oldest Royal Charters, it also has one of the oldest football teams in the country.

Like all good ideas, the club was formed as the result of a meeting in a public house, the Wellington Arms on Freeman Street, just along the street from the Dogger Bank Inn. On 20th September, it was agreed to form a town football team, taking the name of the Earl of yarborough’s family – Pelham.

The name Grimsby Pelham lasted for only a year or so, when because of its growing success, I was decided to rename it Grimsby Town F.C.


The Tour de Grimsby – Part Two

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Fish Tales Man Sign Off Device-03Situated near the Tour de Grimsby Docks start line was one of the town’s most popular little pubs – the Lincoln Arms.

Your writer is 70 this year, and never experienced the INSIDE of the Lincoln but as a boy, I did experience the occasional Sunday in its corner niche, selling Sunday papers with my day, whilst he covered for his brother George Lane.

Uncle George – one of Grimsby’s most recognisable figures throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, as he had the prime spot for his trade – selling the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. He and my Dad started their own round when dad was around 11 years old, “flogging” the Telegraph in the around around their “home” (slum!) just off Strand Street.


Sir Alfred Bannister – Appendix

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Fish Tales Man Sign Off Device-03

1929 List of Grimsby Trawlers

Bannister Trawling Company

Andes  GY5

Kalso  GY725

Buzzard  GY825

Rolls Royce  GY1046

Lanchester  GY1070

Edinboro Castle  GY1285 (Bannister and Barton)

The Forward Steam Fishing Company

Onward  GY87

Northward  GY110

Ophir II  GY171

Orizaba  GY356

Napier  GY597

Sylvia  GY1112

Now, there may be many more – so, if you find any of them, please let JCS Fish know. And, if you visit the main library and pop down the stairs to the local history section, you’ll see a picture of “The Dogger Bank” pub in the display case …. Living history? You can’t beat it!

Saxon_OnwardFish Tales Man