We’re all in this together

Fish-Tales-Man-Sign-Off-Device-03-300x148-300x148The late 1930/40’s actress Greta Garbo is reported to have said; “I want to be alone”

Well it’s a good job she didn’t work down dock then, because down there you don’t last long on your own. It’s a great family community, where everyone knows somebody who ‘can do this for you’ or ‘get that for you’.

There’s no fish without boats or fishermen. No fish on the table without the filters, or the buyers, the sellers, the processors, or the lorry drivers… Need I go on?

Down dock, they’re all in it together!

Interdependency – a vital ingredients for success down dock, and well, in life in general.

The Coulbeck family put their faith in fellow docks companies and organisations by purchasing shares in them.


The Grimsby Ice Company, Grimsby Fish Meal Company, Humberside Marine By-Products and the Grimsby FMA.

Now, I’m not talking Abramovich share buying here, but simple transactions of trust between fellow firms. Two one pound shares in each of them!

Not going to make them a millionaire, but in the words (almost) of a 60’s group, The Fourmost “A little giving goes a long, long way.”