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sustainability title

Responsible Sourcing sub heading
JCS Fish understands that sustainability is a key priority for the modern seafood industry and for consumers. We aim to source our fish responsibly in a way that meets the needs of our customers and the community without harming the environment or compromising the needs of future generations.

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Environment sub heading
The other key aspect of sustainability is our general care for the environment. We have made a commitment to manage operations in such a way as to minimise our environmental impact, both locally and globally. To this end we aim to adopt best practice in areas such as energy, transport, waste and recycling, water management and noise reduction.

› For more information click through to our Environment page.

Organic sub heading
JCS Fish is one of the UK’s largest processors of organic salmon, which we source from only from organic suppliers certified by the Organic Food Federation and for which proof of status is required for every delivery. Our organic salmon is reared on 100% natural organic feed, which means the fish grow slowly and naturally, with fuller flavour. We also supply salmon certified to the RSPCA Freedom Food standard.