This week it’s Back Care Awareness Week, a time to think in a bit more detail about taking care of your back and spine. Sadly, as we get older the likelihood of back trouble increases, often because people are unaware of everyday things that can lead to back pain.

A key aspect of avoiding back pain is good practice at work, where many of us spend far too long sitting at a desk every day. Health experts recommend moving and changing position at least every 30 minutes to break up seated time at a desk and keep the back supple.

That’s why, when we refurbished the JCS Fish office earlier this year, we invested in ‘standing desks’ which are electronically height adjustable so can quickly be adjusted to allow the user to work either seated or standing. Our co-founder, Louise, has suffered for many years with back pain and so was particularly keen to install the new desks to encourage us all to regularly change our working positions.

“I know from first-hand experience just how painful it can be if your back starts giving you trouble,” says Louise. “I can now choose to alternate between sitting and standing and it’s great that the rest of team have also recognised the benefits and are now mixing it up between the two. These desks really are great for a healthier working environment and I’m sure our spines will thank us for it!”

For tips and hints on keeping your back healthy, check out the NHS website.