2018 was a great year for our business. We grew our sales volume by 43% and our customer base by 24%,  We also launched a new range of fish cakes under its own BigFish™ brand; secured three new listings for BigFish products in Ocado; won five Food Management Today Awards and a Great Taste Star for our BigFish Smoked Salmon.

Founding director, Louise Coulbeck, says, “I think we can look back on 2018 with a degree of pride.  Having weathered the salmon pricing storm of 2016, last year we set ourselves new goals, many of which have come to fruition during 2018.  We cemented customer relationships; achieved wider distribution for BigFish and set out new environmental objectives, such as with our new Packaging and Recycling policy.”  

This December, we also again achieved Silver in the Investors in the Environment (IiE) environmental certification programme and were re-certified for our GlobalG.A.P Chain of Custody status for sustainably produced salmon.

Of course, just as for everyone else, 2018 was a year with its challenges as well as achievements, but despite the continuing wider economic uncertainty and ongoing discussions about Brexit, for us it was a pretty good year and we’re all looking forward to the next one!”

Here's wishing all our customers, suppliers and colleagues a great year in 2019!