The aim of the annual Mindful Chef Coast Clean Survey is to better understand how waste, and particularly plastic waste, is damaging our coastline.  In 2020 this event, which is sponsored by Mindful Chef in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society saw an army of volunteers pick up around 34,000 litres of rubbish from Britain’s coast, beaches and other open spaces.

Andy, Louise, Jack, Rosie, Cathy, Louise and Will managed to collect four bags of rubbish from a 100m stretch of beach north of Cleethorpes pier, 173 items in total, 41% of which were plastic. 

Jack Coulbeck said, “We were all happy to spend some spare time contributing to this week’s Mindful Chef Coast Clean which is a key event for reminding people of the impact of waste on our coasts and seas.  Although Cleethorpes beach appeared pretty tidy when we arrived, it was shocking just how much we could find on the small stretch we surveyed.  At least it was a beautiful morning and we all enjoyed it, even Suki the dog!”

Download the results of JCS Fish's Coast Clean Survey using the link to the right.