JCS Fish has been accredited to Government's Investors in the Environment scheme since 2015 and this year we set up an internal Eco-Group, to drive our environmental agenda.  One of the first outcomes of this is the creation of a new Packaging & Recycling Policy for our business.  It sets out clear goals for improvement in the way we use all kinds of packaging - from raw material packaging to finished product - as well as the way we handle and recycle waste within our everyday operations.

There's always more to do but we're confident that our Eco Group has set us on the right track.  And the impact of our new policy has already led us to change our approach in a number of areas, including a complete packaging change on our new BigFish Brand™ Fish Cake range, which also launches this week.

And working together, we can all achieve more, not just for Recycle Week but every week of the year.