Fortunately, when farmed responsibly, Atlantic salmon is also a sustainable choice, with Organic farmed salmon one of the most responsible choices of all. But any salmon you buy from JCS Fish comes with the assurance of quality production methods, high welfare standards and proper environmental responsibility. We don’t buy from suppliers who don’t meet our own high standards.

Of course, we are in total agreement that you should choose your fish carefully. Overfishing and irresponsible fishing have put many stocks in danger and done a lot of damage to the marine environment. Fortunately, practices are improving and it is now simple to identify which wild species are sustainable by choosing fish that carries the Marine Stewardship Council’s blue logo.

Salmon is justifiably Britain’s favourite fish, selling more than twice as much as cod. Thankfully, responsible salmon farming also means that you can buy it with confidence that you are not depleting wild caught fish.

You can find the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide here.