We spoke to Jack about his Scottish trip and the filming.

Hi Jack.  Tell us what you were doing in Scotland.

This trip to Scotland was one of a number we take as a business during the year to visit salmon farms.  As part of our responsible sourcing approach, we need to see our suppliers regularly to make sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to production standards.  In any case, it makes for much better business if we have close relationships with the people who are growing our salmon and trout.”

What stood out when you were visiting suppliers?

The beautiful Scottish scenery, the vastness of the lochs and the remoteness of the places we visited.  Popping down to the shops has a whole different meaning in the Highlands!”

Did you learn anything new?

“The journey really reinforced the lengths our farms go to in the process of raising healthy fish and the care they take.  I also hadn’t really appreciated before how long it takes (2 years) to grow adult fish from brood stock, from hatchery to loch.”

What impressed you?

The knowledge of the fish farm teams about what they do and their dedication to it.  Given our own objectives in terms of responsible sourcing and production, their passion and care in the husbandry of the fish was great to see.  And working in Scottish aquaculture is clearly more of a lifestyle choice than a career choice."

What did you enjoy the most?

“It was a great trip!  Quite apart from the scenery and the fascinating time we spent with suppliers, we had a great time working with KnowMedia on the video filming.  They’re a small team but a passionate one.  It was fun from start to finish, including a particularly memorable meal in The Lord of the Isles pub in Lochgilpead. Great memories.”

Has it had an impact in terms of new product ideas or inspirations for future ways of working?

“Not so much in terms of NPD but it really did give me an added appreciation of the raw material supply chain.  Of course, seafood is part of my family heritage and working in our business for the past two years has been a good industry grounding but this trip really focused my understanding of why we need efficient and clear traceability and the importance of communicating with consumers about where their food has come from and the work involved in bringing salmon to the plate.”

Watch the new video here