Full traceability is a key part of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

  • We work closely with trusted suppliers

    We work closely with trusted suppliers

  • We're committed to full traceability

    We're committed to full traceability

  • Sourcing transparency via the ODP portal

    Sourcing transparency via the ODP portal

We use all the latest technology to ensure full traceability throughout our supply chain.  This means we know and understand the origin of every fish we use - where, when and how it was farmed, harvested and delivered to our door.  We apply similar standards to the supply chain for any other ingredients we use. 

We also keep track of every product using real-time data capture and bar-coding.  From raw whole fish, through primary and secondary processing, freezing and packaging all the way to completed order for delivery.  This provides reassurance that every one of our products has been responsibly sourced and correctly handled at every stage.

As a signatory to the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP), we offer full transparency regarding the source of all the fish we buy via our profile on the ODP's online portal.

Key information

  • A commitment to the highest standards at every stage
  • End to end traceability from raw material sourcing to customer delivery
  • Full transparency of all our seafood sourcing via the Ocean Disclosure Project
  • BRC AA Grade certified production facility
  • Chain of Custody certification to GlobalGAP and Aquaculture Stewardship Council and (ASC) Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards
  • “Year after year, working closely with farmers, Andrew and the team have sourced the best higher-welfare Scottish salmon to our exact specifications. They are a fantastic bunch of people, a trusted supply partner, and we are hugely proud to work with them.”

    Tony Mayer

    Head of Procurement, Cook

  • “This family run firm makes technology work for its business expansion and customer needs, demonstrating the real commercial benefits an integrated approach can deliver...Our shared learning has helped develop solutions tailored to the fish production industry.”

    James Edwards

    Implementations Director, SI Group


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