We are a small family business with a big passion for being as 'green' as possible.

  • We are careful about the suppliers we choose

    We are careful about the suppliers we choose

  • An Investors in the Environment accredited business

    An Investors in the Environment accredited business

We are a specialist salmon supplier operating from a BRC AA-Grade accredited facility in Grimsby - at the heart of the UK’s fish processing industry. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, particularly the integrity of ocean ecosystems.  We're committed to reducing our environmental impact by cutting use of energy and materials and optimising every part of every fish we use. We do not send waste to landfill. Our internal 'Eco Group' drives a continuous programme to review our impacts and drive improvement.

We work only with fish suppliers we know and trust. To ensure our required standards are met, we will only deal with suppliers who are certified by one or more of the reputable third-party certification schemes for aquaculture, such as the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or GlobalG.A.P. (GGN).  We only use GGN certified salmon in our BigFish™ brand. 

We have been part of the Investors in the Environment (iiE) scheme for the past five years. Our commitment to iiE means we are independently audited each year, helping JCS Fish to keep up with the fast-moving landscape of environmental improvement.

A particular focus for us is packaging - during 2020 we will announce further major improvements as we work towards our goal of ensuring all our packaging is recyclable in normal domestic waste streams.

  • “Big or small, all businesses need to take responsibility for their environmental impact. That's why 'think green' has become an important part of all our workstreams.”

    Jack Coulbeck

    Commercial Manager and Eco Group leader


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